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Solutions of Azure include Software as a Service (SaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Storage, networking, analytics and virtual computing are also among the list of services that Azure can be used for.

Commonly used by big companies in order to maintain growth and agility, Azure is one of the world's leading providers of powerful cloud computing services, expanding its user base daily. If you own a company that requires a variety of reliable and secure software services that has numerous business-related, and technological benefits, we’ve got you covered at Blacklight Software.


What is Azure?

At Blacklight Software, we are Azure experts. Azure is a well-known cloud computer service managed by Microsoft. Released in 2008, Azure offers over 600 services that are commonly used by various companies and organisations worldwide.

Not only is Azure able to back up any lost data, but it also acts as a disaster recovery tool, enabling your company to manage an array of applications at one time across a network of Microsoft data centres.

Microsoft Azure allows you to bring different solutions to life, working in favour of your existing investments and offering an easy way for your company to run their virtual computing operations.

Being both flexible and affordable, Azure is the best cloud offering, readily available for companies to use today. There are multiple benefits to using modern-day software such as Azure, which we’ve concluded below.


Backup and Recovery

Azure can recover and back up your data in any language and location. Giving you free rein to define and customise your backup schedule, Azure gives you the option to backup your data daily, weekly and monthly.

Referring to multiple client feedback and Azure user reports, this software has proven to be extremely reliable and simple to set up. With an integrated backup system, Azure automatically saves lost data as part of its inexpensive backup solution.

By signing into your Azure portal, you’ll be able to find a vault on the dashboard. A backup items tile is clear to find on the panel, with a drop-down list of the protected VMS and restore options. Although our professional team of in-house business analysts at Blacklight Software are on hand to answer questions and give expert advice, instructions are given during the enrolment process.


Developing Mobile and Web Apps

If your company is looking for a hosting, managing or development platform for a web or mobile application, Microsoft Azure can do just that. With AutoScale and integration, Azure makes your apps adaptive.

By using Azure, you can link your web apps to on-premises apps, connecting them both to assure your employees and partners have secure access to its resources. Azure is the ultimate way to modernise your business.

Azure is designed with a built-in automated patch management feature, meaning you can spend less time dealing with infrastructure-related issues, and more on the development and improvement of your apps, something certain companies wish they had more time on. Assisting you to manage code updates, Azure also comes with efficient deployment support tools.



Companies that use the power of Microsoft Azure to keep their business data and storage in order will be able to notice speedy start-to-finish times. With exceptional fully automated solutions, Azure additionally provides templates and learner guides to help create what they want within the software.

Azure lets teams create new applications, scale their capacity, recover lost data from backups or storage centres and utilise machine learning with ease and speed, compared to on-premise solutions.


Delivery Pipeline

Microsoft Azure has everything a company needs. If you’re unsure whether Azure can deal with the rollout of new updates without causing delays and disruption to your company's already existing applications, rest assured that developers have prevented various problems from occurring during the creation of security patches and service levels.


Tool Integration

It’s normal for companies to use different tools in their day-to-day work life to help make things run smoother. Having the installation of Azure allows you to combine and run the rest of your Microsoft tools with no trouble.

No matter the application, Azure can work efficiently alongside it. Able to act as the central fool for access to other tools, Azure adds extensive safety and security to your data, hassle-free.


Can Small Businesses Benefit from Azure?

Even though Azure is popular amongst big corporations and companies across the globe, it’s also ideal for smaller businesses or those starting up.

Mobile apps, hubs, virtual machines and analytics are commonly used by small businesses and startups, proving that Azure can still be seen as a necessity in any company regardless of its size.

If you’re a small business owner, having Azule allows you to put extra time into other aspects of your enterprise whilst managing projects, finances and staff. 40% of revenue comes from startups, with over 10,000 added Azure users each week.

Helping build collaboration between employees, which is great for all businesses, Azure lets small teams take advantage of the faster testing of new ideas. If you’re running or hosting applications and have faced difficulties, having Azure installed would be beneficial both now and in the future.


Installation of Azure at Blacklight Software

At Blacklight Software, we develop business solutions and give a comprehensive approach, providing our client base with our expertise, whilst giving reassurance that they’ve chosen the right digital partner among a crowd of similarly experienced companies in the software industry.

The implementation of business software is something that we have years of knowledge and experience in, allowing us to assist with a variety of requirements at a high standard.

We consult, document, develop and train with your company before your bespoke Azure installation goes live. We have a vast amount of experience in the digital world, obtaining happy clients since we started in 2009 when our idea to create future-proofed technology came to life.

We can also help with .NET development, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 to extend your business’s reach - after all, modernisation is the way forward for any business.

If you’re unsure whether Azure is the right software for your company and its needs, or even want to learn or explore more within the service, reach out to us for assistance.

Global Resilience

Global Resilience

Microsoft Azure boasts a Service Level Agreement of 99.99% globally ensuring your solutions are always available. With back up and disaster recovery functionality across multiple data centres, your solutions are in safe hands.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership



Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Speed of Implementation

Speed of Implementation



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