Clugston Distribution Services is a leading transport service provider. As one of the UK’s most recognised and respected road tanker and general distribution brands, Clugston provide general distribution and road tanker transport solutions to the bulk powder and bulk fuel sectors.

The Problem

A large and diverse company such as Clugston had many different IT needs, and Clugston’s own IT department wasn’t always able to deliver SharePoint solutions that took full advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities due to a lack of resources, and specialisation in the platform.

The Solution

Blacklight provided training and assistance in applying best practices in SharePoint development techniques in both SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online to help Clugston’s staff concentrate on solving the underlying business problems specific to their industry. By suggesting how best to take advantage of SharePoint’s features and when they should consider enhancing them with additional customisation, Clugston’s staff were able to quickly deliver valuable useful outcomes. This was done by delivery to the business of small SharePoint-based applications to the business.  These solutions were in areas as diverse as health and safety reporting and waste disposal licensing.

The Benefits

Our extensive knowledge of building similar solutions gave Clugston a headstart in best practice and avoiding common problems which can beset in-house solutions.

Clugston was able to improve the skills and capabilities of their own IT staff to solve simple but valuable business problems.

Keeping the knowledge in-house allowed them to solve similar problems in future without having to be dependent on suppliers.

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