.NET is a framework developed by Microsoft that enables developers to produce software, whether it be application development or creating software from scratch. This framework not only supports the development of applications and XML services but the ongoing maintenance of them too.

At Blacklight Software, we are .NET development experts - we have extensive experience using .NET, and use it to build applications that run on multiple platforms, for clients in all kinds of industries.

For example, .NET can be used to design, develop and build a mobile app - our developers can utilise its range of code libraries, APIs and compilers to create the ultimate custom application for you or your business.

As .NET is a complicated framework, it requires skilled programmers and developers to produce solutions. In fact, Microsoft uses .NET themselves on their own software. At Blacklight Software, we use code optimisation tools to ensure that every single piece of custom code is optimised for ultimate performance.

Read on to learn more about the .NET framework, including what is used for, and the key benefits of .NET.


What Do We Use The .NET Framework For?

.NET is a foundation that we use to build bespoke software, whether it be to build an app, site, or app from scratch - or to simply extend the capabilities of other platforms.

Our expert net developers utilise the .NET framework for a variety of purposes - whether you’re in need of a CRM system, bespoke apps, or you want to redesign existing applications, our .NET software development team are on hand to help. Read on to learn more about how we use .NET and what exactly we use it for.


Customer Relationship Management

In the digital age we live in, having an efficient CRM system is key for any customer-focused business. At Blacklight Software, we can use .NET to build constructive software and applications to streamline your business operations, whether it be creating supply management systems or CRM.


Bespoke Apps

We utilise dotNET to build and develop interoperable applications, offering a user-friendly experience across multiple platforms. Because .NET is so versatile and there are so many features of .NET, our team of development experts can create a bespoke application that works across a variety of platforms.

.NET features a multi-tiered software structure - it separates functions for presentation, data management, and app processing. This makes it the ultimate framework for building flexible applications. As .NET is multi-tiered, our development experts at Blacklight Software can edit layers without having to edit the entire application, making it easier to develop and update apps.


Redesign Applications

As well as building bespoke applications, the .NET Core framework can be used to redesign existing applications - .NET is the ultimate platform for re-designing applications.

Organisations are growing all the time, and as a business owner, you need to ensure you’re staying ahead of the curve. As your business expands, it is important that your existing software and applications can accommodate your growth and meet the new needs of your organisation.

If you wish to expand or re-design your applications, contact our experts at Blacklight Software to discuss how we can help.


Benefits of .NET Core

There are many reasons that we utilise .NET core to bring you bespoke software solutions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of .NET core, from its flexibility to its cross-platform design.


.NET is Flexible

One of the key benefits of .NET Core is that it’s so flexible. The modular design of the framework allows developers such as ourselves to use all the dependencies we need. As well as being installed as part of the application being developed, or separately, .NET Core is as flexible as you need it to be.

Whether you plan on migrating to a new platform or scaling up your team, our .NET engineers have extensive experience working with a variety of .NET implementations - and can provide you with what you need quickly and efficiently with utmost flexibility. By using .NET, we have the flexibility to cover a range of projects.


.NET is Object Oriented

.NET is based on the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) Module - a development model that breaks down software into manageable aspects. Essentially, this compartmentalizes data, making code manageable. Likewise, this means that developers can respond quickly to issues, and test software with ease.

Using .NET also means that developers don’t have to use as much coding. It enables developers to reuse code and other compartments, saving time and lowering the overall cost.


.NET Development at Blacklight Software

At Blacklight Software, we are a forward-thinking software development company that is ahead of the curve. We’re your go-to for software development - and have vast experience implementing .NET and Microsoft software.

By using Azure DevOps Server (previously TFS/ Team Foundation Server, Microsoft technologies, and Agile Project Management, we can ensure top-quality results when creating bespoke software. We’re sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in every way.

We’ve used .NET since the very beginning - and since then, we’ve established a reputation for being reliable, secure, and efficient. Based in Liverpool and Yorkshire, we have been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2010.

We specialise in bespoke software development and Microsoft solutions - specifically, Azure, Dynamics 365 and CRM, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, and of course, bespoke .NET development services.

At Blacklight Software, we move forward with a consultative and comprehensive approach - providing all of our clients with the assurance they need. Our team of software developers are truly experts when it comes to creating and delivering software solutions, regardless of the industry you’re in.

We’ve used .NET to deliver countless custom web parts and applications, including both on-premise and cloud applications for our clients. .NET allows us to develop web applications that can run on multiple platforms - for example, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Whether we’re creating small Dynamics 365 plug-ins, entire mobile apps on Android or iOS, or even bespoke customer portals, we always have functionality in mind when developing software.

Contact our dedicated customer support team to learn more about the bespoke software solutions we can offer you through dotNET development.

Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

Improved Performance

Improved Performance


Bespoke Features



We develop cost-effective, and reliable bespoke software solutions that match your budget, timescales and business requirements.

From requirements’ capture to building integrated enterprise platforms, we have experience working with a broad range of organisations.

Using Microsoft technologies, TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Agile project management ensures the best standards are adopted and the bespoke solution we deliver, meets your needs in every way.


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