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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the ultimate productivity cloud that’s designed to help your company run smoothly whilst allowing you to pursue your passions. Compared to Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 software brings the best apps with excellent services, management and complete security - creating one connected experience.

If you require a reliable, fast subscription service that enables you to have up-to-date Office apps from Microsoft, the digital specialists at Blacklight Software can help create the best bespoke software for you or your organisation.


What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is an evolved replica of Microsoft Office. Whether you need Microsoft 365 for company requirements, personal use or family plans, this Microsoft software is suited to a variety of needs, being completely adaptable.

Unlike Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 has added perks and benefits, including cloud tools and specific capabilities, making it an all-around, better-improved technological solution to have.

Microsoft 365 has special addition programs, such as OneDrive - something that’s beneficial to use in any workplace. If you’re unsure whether you need more premium versions of 365 or not, you’ll be glad to know that Word, Excel and Powerpoint are already integrated into the regular versions - something Microsoft Office doesn’t offer.

With features such as Editor, Microsoft 365 will allow you to edit your writing with ease. Microsoft 365 also facilitates teamwork, allowing employees to work together more efficiently using tools such as online meetings, chat and share files, all of which can be used within the Teams app.


How Can Microsoft 365 Development Help Your Business Grow?

Microsoft 365 software encourages your company to be more productive, enabling you and your team to perform essential tasks like gathering information, swapping knowledge and communicating much more straightforwardly.

Some of the apps that come with the installation of Microsoft 365 are Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, Microsoft Customer Manager, Microsoft Bookings and MileIQ. As well as having a variety of apps, Microsoft also has a business centre which acts as an access point for all the apps that are integrated within Microsoft 365.

By using a cloud-based suite, many positive effects on your team can arise. All infrastructures are taken care of by Microsoft, reducing the patentability of needing an IT expert to manage your suite in-house.

Microsoft 365 lets you access files on the go and improve your overall connection with team members and clients, thanks to Microsoft Teams and Share Point - two features that are more commonly used than the rest.

Having a community of team members, clients and partners can be hard to manage, which is why we advise Microsoft 365 to help keep everyone organised. At Blacklight Software, we specialise in Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint - and can provide you with all the knowledge and expertise to improve accessibility and communications across your business.


Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft 365 has an array of features ready to use. At Blacklight, we believe that productivity should be encouraged within the business, which is why we offer Microsoft 365 to companies that want to push collaboration in the workplace and build better relationships.

Let's talk more about some of the popular features that are commonly used by companies that are daily users of Microsoft 365.


Share Point

One of the great things about Microsoft 365 is the real-time, co-authoring feature. By being able to edit and add to pre-existing documents that have been independently managed by a fellow team member, you’re making it accessible for people to collaborate with a click of a button.

Time is precious when it comes to business, so by having access to co-authoring features, you're making it possible for people to give guidance to one another and get projects done.

Even when the main editor is offline, you can still have access to anything that's been previously shared with you, something that works well for when changes need to be made to documents and you might not be able to do it yourself.


Microsoft Teams

Being able to speak to each other in real-time in the workplace can be difficult, especially if people work remotely full-time. Microsoft Teams allows messages to be sent to each staff member at once, meaning it's easier to see important messages clearly and give an instant response.

Not only is Teams more convenient to use compared to other communicational apps, but it also has video and audio call features as well as options to share screens. With video conferencing, screen sharing and quickly delivered messages, it’ll be easier than ever to liaise with your team members without the difficulty of using separate apps on your desktop or mobile phone.


Microsoft Planner

If you need a simpler way to assign tasks, create a weekly plan and share numerous work files, then Microsoft Planner will be sure to become a much-used app within your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Providing a hub for team members, Microsoft Planner offers a highly visual way to create and organise a workload and get daily updates on progress whilst giving support and collaboratively brainstorming ideas. With just a quick glance, you’ll be able to see where you’re at with your daily tasks and whether or not you’re on track.


Microsoft 365 at Blacklight Software

Microsoft 365 empowers its users to act together and stay connected. At Blacklight Software, we deliver solutions that best suit your company and its needs - and with our expert advice, we can make excellent digital transformations happen.

At Blacklight Software, we can utilise a sandbox developer subscription to try and test the bespoke software we create for your business.

Our experts will run and test apps through Windows Sandbox, including Microsoft 365, making sure the installation is done in the safest and most efficient way possible. With the choice to set up either an instant sandbox or a configurable sandbox, we help our customers make the right decision for them.

Our software can improve collaboration, and increase profits and customer satisfaction, resulting in real benefits for your company. As well as Microsoft 365 development, our expert team have vast experience using .NET and developing Azure and Dynamics 365 solutions.

If you require more information on the solutions we offer at Blacklight, click the button below to contact us today.

Microsoft 365 Apps:

Our in-house, Microsoft-partnered team specialise in the extension and integration of Microsoft 365 apps. From business collaboration tools to document management systems, Microsoft 365 Business Apps provide the essentials to enhance productivity across your organisation.



Microsoft 365 Apps
Build Intranets

SharePoint Intranet

A focal point for internal users to find information, relevant news and documents in one easy to use place. We can create easy to use, customised SharePoint Intranets and Extranets with Active Directory and Forms Based Login.

Accessible anywhere

Accessible anywhere

Manage Documents

Manage Documents


Collaboration Tool

Secure Information

Secure Information

Extendable Solutions

Extendable Solutions

SharePoint Online Logo

SharePoint Online

Included in Microsoft 365 Apps, SharePoint Online allows users to create, edit and share documents on any device, anywhere. As a leading document management system and business collaboration tool, SharePoint provides users:

  • Seamless Collaboration
  • SharePoint Intranet
  • External Sharing
  • Access anywhere
  • Intelligence and Insights

Our Microsoft 365 Customers:

Learn more about our Microsoft 365 solutions.



Working with the Production team in Manchester delivering multiple applications.



Training and assistance in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.



Multiple business applications using SharePoint and Microsoft integration.



Moving documents SharePoint online and Office 365 and building a corporate intranet.



On premise SharePoint delivery and bespoke software integration.



Custom SharePoint framework web parts and Microsoft integration.


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