Every business has different requirements in terms of software, and one solution certainly doesn't fit all. This is why, at Blacklight Software, we create bespoke software that is custom to your business.

Having software that meets your company’s needs is essential. Bespoke software can cut costs, as well as save time and money. After all, there’s no point in paying for pieces of software that you won’t use, right? That’s why we’ll create software that you’ll use on a regular basis - software that can enhance the way your business operates.

Whether we create brand new software solutions for your brand or create software that will merge with existing systems, choosing Blacklight Software as your development expert is sure to boost overall efficiency.

We always use the latest technology and frameworks to bring you the best software solutions for your brand. Read on to learn more about bespoke software for the aerospace industry, including the .NET framework and SQL server - and how they can benefit your business.


.NET Framework

We are .NET experts here at Blacklight Software. DotNET is a foundation used to build bespoke software - we’ve used the framework to develop apps and sites and extend the capabilities of other platforms.

Unlike other software developers, we’ve used the dotNET framework since the very beginning. This has helped us to achieve our reputation of being reliable, efficient, and secure. Whether your aerospace business requires bespoke apps, web pages or application redesigns, our .NET software development team can develop software that exceeds your expectations.

The .NET framework, developed by Microsoft, enables us to produce software - whether it be developing software from scratch or developing applications. It not only supports application development and XML services but enables ongoing maintenance of these too.

We can use .NET to deliver a range of web parts or applications that can run on different platforms - for example, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.


SQL Server

Our experts can use the SQL server to develop custom software for your aerospace business. We have extensive experience using this Microsoft relational database management system (also known as RDBMS).

Like other RDBMS software, SQL Server is built on SWL. This is a standard programming language used when interacting with relational databases. The server works on the Windows environment - however, it is also available on Linux too.

Our experience and expertise in the aerospace sector allow us to successfully develop and implement client-server web-based applications, providing software solutions for aircraft spaces. This also includes RFID solutions, improving the security of your business.


Benefits of Aerospace Software Development

Aerospace software development can benefit your brand in many ways. Previously, our software development for a client in the aerospace industry has seen an improvement in absence levels down to just 4% in six months.

We can create software that your employees will respond well to, making management much easier. This can also benefit stakeholders, boosting their confidence in your brand.

Some other benefits of aerospace software development include better reporting, as well as automated data collection. It can also ensure all responsibilities are clear and absence is clearly managed and visible. Read on to learn about our previous software development experience within the aerospace industry.


Aerospace Software Development at Blacklight Software

At Blacklight Software, our team of dedicated software developers have extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry - and experience creating custom software for clients in the aerospace industry.

Our experts can provide the ultimate software solution that can streamline your business processes. We’ll utilise our expertise with platforms such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, and of course, .NET development to bring your software solutions to life.

We’ll discuss your business objectives and requirements to gain an understanding of what exactly you need, and get to work at what we do best - enhancing your day-to-day operations with excellent software.

Let’s delve deeper into one of our aerospace software case studies. Read on to learn more about how we helped aerospace client Airbus.


Our Experience With Airbus

Airbus is a large business in the aerospace industry with roughly 56,000 employees across 16 sites in Europe. They produce a range of executive and military aeroplanes - and theirs began growing each year. Using SAP HR, they attempted to introduce an SAP-based solution - however, this would’ve taken too long and cost too much money.

This is why, at Blacklight Software, we helped switch the focus of managing absence to a proactive 5-stage workflow - providing MI, health assessment, and return to work support. The software we produced was extremely user-friendly and used by employees across the board.

The system features a range of key elements - for example, a customisable IVR component that helps to manage the call tree. It also featured a messaging component that manages notifications - whether they be in the form of text messages, letters, emails, or management reports.

Another key component of the software was an occupational health website. This helped staff and managers alike to update absence details. Managers could also make the most of a manager website full of information regarding return-to-work interviews.

The solution is highly configurable - and can be used with a range of phone systems. Many aspects of the software could be modified to fit the solution of the local business.

Contact us today if you’re in the aerospace sector and are looking for software development solutions. Our team of software developers have the skills and experience to build the right software for your business.


Airbus is part of the EADS Group of companies and employs around 56,000 people, across 16 European sites, producing a wide range of commercial, military and executive aeroplanes. As of August 2008 Airbus had orders for over nine thousand aeroplanes and have over five thousand scheduled for production.

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