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We offer a consultative and comprehensive approach, providing our clients with the assurance they need to make us the digital partner of choice. With years of experience in the implementation of business software projects and solutions, that solved a variety of requirements, we can offer advice based on our knowledge of leading industry trends and software solutions.



Explore your initial thoughts with one of the team. Providing a solid foundation to find potential solutions, together we can explore the return on investment.

Requirement Capturing



Managed Azure 


Requirement Capture, Analysis & Design

Our in-house consultants and business analysts will analyse your business processes and work to discover inefficiencies, redundant processes, areas which could be improved and possible software solutions that could aid and simplify your business systems. Our goal is to maximise your investment in the most practical means.

With years of experience in the implementation of business software projects and solutions, that solved a variety of requirements, we can offer advice based on our knowledge of leading industry trends and software solutions.

The software team members we have at Blacklight will ensure that software analysis, software requirement capture and software design are taken care of - thus, all of your business requirements are met. Software quality matters just as much as your design principles and programming languages. Therefore, we take no responsibility lightly when pioneering a unique strategy for your company. Here is what you can expect from our professionals:

  • Workshops
  • Business process maps
  • Wireframes
  • Specification
  • Full engagement

Planning & Project Management

Our world-class software project management team has been proven to deliver time and time again on your project goals. Whether an agile interactive approach or a traditional waterfall, Blacklight comes up with the goods!

You can rest assured that our team members will partake in extensive research to provide you with a tailor-made planning process. Each customer has separate needs and whether you need different project management tools to target an aspect of your business or opposing task lists - we're willing to go the extra mile for your company.

Our effective software planning and project management allow your business to handle your project scheduling, manage resources and risk management. Here is a list of the software development projects we take care of:

  • Full Stack .Net
  • HTML5 /CSS
  • Dynamics 365
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online

Maintenance & Support

Once we have delivered we don't stop there. Our distinct and various types of software maintenance and software support services are on course to keep everything running smoothly. Anything related to updating the software from the existing software to a new software application or just simply adding source code, fixing bugs and creating a better user experience - we will act accordingly.

We understand that focusing on software engineering, in order to reap the best results can be a long-term process, but the rewards will speak for themselves. Our experienced and committed team of experts will offer custom services, tailored to your business.

Often, software maintenance services and other support teams will opt for a one-size-fits-all approach. Yet, at Blacklight Software, with our customers meaning everything to us, our types of maintenance and support will vary - depending on what is best for you. Here is what you can expect from our professionals if you choose us, today:

  • Full system testing
  • 24-hour helpdesk
  • Hosting
  • Service Monitoring
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Azure Managed Services

Discover top-tier Azure Managed Services at Blacklight Software, where we leverage the power of cloud solutions to fuel business innovation and operational efficiency. Our dedicated Azure experts ensure your cloud infrastructure is robust, secure, and scalable, tailored to thrive alongside your growing business needs.

Proactive Management and Optimization: With Blacklight Software, your Azure environment is in expert hands. We manage all aspects of your Azure services, from regular updates and security patches to performance optimizations. Focus on your business goals while we ensure your cloud operations run smoothly.

Customized Cloud Strategies: Every business has unique needs and challenges. At Blacklight Software, our Azure managed services are designed to align perfectly with your specific business objectives. We create personalized Azure deployment plans that keep you ahead in your industry.

Security and Compliance: Trust our Azure managed services to prioritize your data's security. Our Azure experts implement stringent security measures, conduct regular compliance checks, and perform thorough risk assessments to protect your data and comply with all regulatory standards.

24/7 Support and Advisory: Our Azure support team is available around the clock to help solve any issue and provide strategic guidance. Whether you need technical assistance or strategic advice, our Azure experts are just a call away.

Cost Management: Effective cost management is crucial in maximizing your Azure investment. Blacklight Software's Azure managed services include detailed cost analysis and resource management strategies, ensuring you achieve optimal financial efficiency with Azure.

Elevate your business with cutting-edge Azure cloud solutions from Blacklight Software. Visit us at to explore how our Azure Managed Services can transform your business operations.

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