Sinclair found a solution to labelling produce outside of the box. Pioneering the development of patented technology in automatic high-speed labelling systems. Sinclair delivers a comprehensive offering of food-safe fresh produce labels and equipment - Sinclair now has 10 label-manufacturing sites around the world with labelling systems installed in more than 45 countries worldwide.

The Problem

Sinclair faced a major problem across two internal factors. As a large globally distributed multinational with many offices, they required an intranet in order to share news and relevant, important documents relating to the functions of the many departments within the organisation. Sinclair had no way to do this before, causing a lack of communication and an internal error for it’s staff.

They also faced an issue regarding a large number of engineering documents for many different machines and items of equipment in multiple different languages and they needed to be able to share this with their own engineers and external suppliers and for that to be available on multiple different devices including mobile phones – as this was done via email previously.

The Solution

Blacklight came up with a solution to implement a SharePoint-based intranet featuring content from across the organisation with customisation provided by us to fill gaps in the box abilities.

 Features within the intranet included:

  • News
  • Departmental Documents
  • Defined security roles
  • Versioning

Alongside a SharePoint Intranet, Blacklight also provided a SharePoint portal. Delivered in a mobile responsive way with the ability and functionality to search for:

  • Relevant documents
  • Categorised by metadata such as language
  • Document Type
  • Machine
  • Piece of equipment

Making the portal available to internal and external staff, permitting external suppliers to log in securely to the portal. Includes full auditing of documents interacted with.

The Benefits

With the solutions implemented by Blacklight, Sinclair was provided with timely, localised information in the field of maintaining their equipment. Improving their customer service through being able to fix machinery quicker as they received information quicker. The solution provided a more efficient solution also.

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