Founded in 1967 as the Merton Family Housing Trust, Wandle has since grown into an organisation with over 7000 homes across nine south London boroughs. As a responsible provider of social housing, Wandle provides a range of homes for rent (social and affordable), as well as shared ownership, outright sale properties and supported housing. For more of our case studies, 

The Requirement

After going through a period of change, Wandle wished to further maximise the first point of contact resolution, continue providing high-quality customer service and increase efficiencies throughout the organisation. These requirements are reached across all areas of the business. There were also requirements to provide document management functionality, data analytics, data warehousing and customer self-serve technologies.

The overview of the requirements was:

  • Able to make and track appointments efficiently;
  • Raise a repair that will create a works order in the contractor system against both individual properties and communal areas;
  • Provide real-time repairs history with details of contractor, date, issues and status;
  • General tenancy management issues, including rent and leaseholder enquiries (balance checks, payment method enquiry);
  • Provide integration and access to real-time information held on the Housing Management System;
  • Manage all housing and income processes and enquires;
  • Provide general advice through a knowledge base;
  • Reporting tenancy and environmental issues (e.g. reporting neighbourhood nuisance and ASB);
  • Receiving payments (rechargeable to leaseholders, arrears in rents);
  • Logging and managing complaints;
  • Community engagement– feedback and comments, campaign activities by all channels inbound and outbound;
  • Communal services (caretaker enquiries, repairs, estate inspection information);
  • Integration with telephony platform;
  • Integration with the payment provider.

The Solution

Blacklight worked in collaboration with Wandle to scope out and deliver a project encompassing the technologies of Dynamics 365; SharePoint; PowerBI; .NET Customer Self-Serve Portal. Bi-directional integrations were also implemented between the Microsoft solutions and third-party systems, ensuring one version of the truth across the whole software estate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provided Wandle with a single view of the customer through bi-directional integrations into the Housing Management System. Processes include Anti-Social Behaviour; Complaints; Fraud; Repairs; Estate Management; Income and more. Dashboards are in use across individuals and teams, allowing for 'on-the-spot' analytics. Queues also allow for teams and individuals to pick and work on cases ensuring a faster resolution.

Workflow is incorporated throughout all processes allowing for a case management approach that focuses on an efficient 'managing by exception' basis.

SharePoint provides document management functionality and ensures a full audit trail for all documentation that is automatically stored in an intuitive file structure. This includes full version control and permission facilities.

A Customer Self-Serve portal, built using .NET and hosted in Microsoft Azure, allows for customers to engage with Wandle in a modern way. Different types of cases can be raised as well as geographically specific information. The facility to manage account details and keep Wandle up to date with contact information is also provided with all information being pushed to Dynamics 365.

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