SEAMS are the forward planning and analytics company for asset-rich, infrastructure organisations across sectors including water, energy, road, rail and the environment. SEAMS continue to lead the market in innovation and to invest heavily in product development and its vast array of clients and partnerships are the key to its success as a global brand. 

The Problem

With a highly technical and complex product and broad scope of offering, SEAMS have a long sales pipeline for which multiple website interactions are necessary. SEAMS had an existing information-heavy, user interaction lite website which was not engaging enough to put the great brand and content across in the most effective way.
Whilst the website listed a lot of important information, the heavy and extensive technical content made for a difficult transfer of information to its intended audience of existing and potential clients and partners. The inconsistent style of the website meant that the content was delivered all at once, irrespective of particular visitor’s needs meaning a high bounce rate and low page dwell time.

The call to action on the existing website was secondary to the informative content, meaning there was much room for improvement in driving visitors and increasing page views and subsequent enquires.

Seams had key objectives:
• Redesign the SEAMS website to attract and engage customers
• Fine-tune the message, highlight services and demonstrate value to our customers
• Attract potential customers and improve lead conversion
• Gain an easy way to produce and manage great site content through a content management system
• Enhance satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the site

The Solution

Blacklight Software delivered a clean and modern designed website which achieved all of SEAMS' key objectives as well as being fully mobile responsive. We utilised a leading CMS, Umbraco, to provide SEAMS with a self-managed content ability. The website content is updated in-house, improving SEAMS communications with website visitors.

  • We delivered a responsive site with a clear content layout through infographics and icons. This has increased the dwell time spent by visitors on the site.
  • Launched in October 2016, the new website generated a 24% increase in new visitors from 2016 to 2017.
  • SEAMS page views have also improved significantly since the launch and this continues to increase, improving engagement, user experience and brand awareness.
  • A strong call to action buttons engage customers in the sales process and have generated inbound enquiries through the website as well as existing channels
  • With a clean and easy-to-navigate separate layout and design, marketing efforts and resource distribution can now be analysed to ensure the most effective return on investment avenues are focused on, maximizing the marketing budget.
  • Google Analytics also now has a measurable and tangible results profile, providing transparency on its ongoing success rates to solve marketing campaign challenges.
  • Separate web pages to replace PDFs have ensured that visitors can access key information quickly and easily, reducing the time SEAMS team members spend on email admin.


"We had clear objectives and goals for our website re-design and we needed a software development house that could achieve these and offer guidance and knowledge on the site structure. We found more than that with Blacklight Software, their level of detail, dedication to the project and expertise shaped the website to deliver all of our goals and more. The new website has solved multiple marketing challenges and saved time across the department and business as a whole."

Nikki Peacock – Marketing Manager

Blacklight Software

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