Dylans’s Ultramarathon results!

Dylans’s Ultramarathon results!

When our resident runner and SharePoint expert, Dylan said he was going to compete in the Hardmoore’s 55 mile Ultramarathon, we were surprised at the ask of the task! 55 miles then throw in the terrain of the moors and this being on a Sunday in Winter, in the dark and the Blacklight Software team had a lot of questions!

With Dylan running a 14 mile round trip commute daily and a half marathon once a week, he’s been working up to the Ultramarathon for months now. 

Here’s Dylan explaining how the tough weather impacted the event:

‘I made it the last check point at a place called Kildale, about 30 minutes before the cut-off time, and was preparing to go out again for the final push to the end, when Mountain Rescue told to the organisers to call off the race.  Some people who got through before the they stopped the event reached the finish, because they couldn’t be recalled, but about a 100 of us were held at the village hall until suitable transport could be arranged. By this time the road to the village was closed due to snow so it took a while. You may have seen it on the news:

A huge well done to Dylan for achieving as much as was permitted out of the race and a whopping 42.5miles! We are supporting the charity Centrepoint who provide a safe and supported place to live for those at risk of becoming and already homeless. The donations go directly to those that need it and they work hard to facilitate making a real difference to people’s lives, they have some fantastic success stories and we would love to contribute to that number growing.

It would be great if you could help Centrepoint carry out their fantastic work by donating anything large or small to the cause and so the Just Giving link is here:

Thank you and Well Done Dylan!

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