Top Benefits of Migrating to The Cloud

With 90% of businesses already on the cloud and cloud providers constantly growing their services  we can see why everyone wants to be a part of it. Although, there’s still a large number of businesses that don’t use the service. So, why should you move to the cloud?  Here at Blacklight, we have provided the top 5 benefits of migrating to the cloud. 




1. Flexibility

Retreating to the cloud can be a daunting process for organisations small or large. Is our capacity too small? What if we need to expand? 

The flexibility within the cloud allows organisations to scale up or down with its adaptable features. As your organisation grows and develops - so can your cloud service! Similarly, if you need to downsize – this is also achievable with the cloud. The customisation ability provides businesses with a unique solution suited to them.


2. Work from anywhere 

The cloud is essentially just the internet. What we mean is, by being in the cloud, it becomes fully accessible on multiple devices with an internet connection. With this comes the versatility for employees of large organisations and businesses to work from any location and continue as normal. Travelling between jobs or working from home– cloud computing makes it that much easier for employees to get work done on time. With access to files, relevant documents and accessible collaboration tools, the cloud allows all employees to continue work arrangements outside the office in a simple manner.


3. Document management 

The cloud provides an easy solution for users to manage documents and work collaboratively on pieces together. With cloud computing comes many storage and management aspects. The ability to manage documents and ensure safety in the cloud is a huge benefit for businesses in the cloud.


4. Cost management 

The cloud provides a much simpler solution for businesses. Migrating from private to the public cloud allows for cheaper running – minimising the need for on-premise servers, maintenance, power and overall infrastructure. With cloud services running on a monthly subscription basis, you’re able to manage your payments as you go along. A huge bonus and a simpler solution for smaller businesses!  


5. Data Security

A leading concern businesses face when migrating - how secure is the cloud? With data stored in hard drives, cloud storage receives a maximum amount of security checks and measures  usually surpassing the average IT standards due to its importance. Data security is a set of policies, procedures and controls set in place to keep your data safe. Data encryption is in place to ensure anybody not authorised to access data cannot get access, alongside individual hosts providing relevant security measures for each service. 


With these advantages, why not register for a free account with Microsoft Azure? As one of the leading cloud providers and 85% of Fortune 500 businesses running on it – it’s guaranteed to meet your business needs. Here at Blacklight, our cloud solution can complement your existing network architecture, should you wish to maintain some applications within your existing infrastructure on-site, yet migrate others. 

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