How to Improve Customer Satisfaction through D365 [Case Study]

A common issue a vast amount of businesses face is the lack of effective communication and management between employers and customers. With an estimated 74% of people likely to switch brands or suppliers if they find the purchasing process too difficult, here at Blacklight we pride ourselves in helping our clients solve their customer service issues using effective software. Check out how we helped a recent client improve their customer satisfaction through Microsoft technologies.

After working closely with our clients in the social housing sector, we were able to distinguish their needs and put together a solution that could provide them with improved customer satisfaction, specifically in the case management and repair service processes - as required. The client’s objective in this project was to maximise the first point of contact resolution – specifically wanting to avoid lengthy contact processes throughout their procedures. As many businesses can relate, lengthy phone calls and multiple emails regarding one matter can be a stressful and unnecessary experience for both the customer and the user.




We worked alongside the client to design, deliver and implement a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution that encompassed all areas of the Customer Service Team. Dynamics 365 CE modernises the way employees and team members communicate with their customers and clients, allowing your team to assist customers efficiently and create meaningful experiences with all. As our client was in need of revolutionising the way in which they communicate with their own customers, we felt that this solution would work best within their business.

By choosing Dynamics 365, our client was ensured that their business processes weren’t defined by the system, but that they could use Dynamics 365 to work the way that they wanted to. Thanks to Dynamics providing a fully customisable and scalable solution – the client didn’t feel limited to the customisations we were providing.

Working alongside our client, we collaborated on the design of processes through Requirement Capturing, Analysis and Design sessions held on-site with key stakeholders from each area of the business. These workshops, led by Blacklight Dynamics 365 consultants and business analysts, scoped out the processes in full, with consultation on how these processes would be represented within Dynamics 365. This ensured that all requirements desired by our client would be met by the Dynamics 365 solution.

With a focus on improving customer satisfaction for the businesses customers and tenants, workflows automated tasks that did not require user input (in particular the moving of documents or information around the business to different teams and users) so that cases could be resolved faster and have one source of the truth across the organisation. Integrations with multiple third-party systems ensured that data from other core systems (Housing Management Systems, Asset Systems, and Repairs Systems) was utilised within the system and pushed back to these systems to ensure data validity across the software estate. Integration with third-party repairs job scheduling software allows for repair operatives to have appointments scheduled and true availability to be known and presented to the user automatically by Dynamics 365.

User and System dashboards also display data held within the system in a graphical format so that work can quickly be prioritised, with data being understood and analysed quickly. Alongside a Dynamics CE solution provided by Blacklight, we also implemented a Microsoft SharePoint solution. With this, is the ability to provide our client with an intuitive way to store and manage documents automatically against a set structure.




A Customer Self-Serve Portal provides the client with a new, modernised engagement channel for their customers and tenants. Within the Portal, customers and tenants can securely log cases in multiple areas ranging from; complaints, ASB, fraud, Repairs, communal cases and more. Customers can also make payments, view rents and arrears balances and access ‘How To’ articles and ‘What’s Happening’ content. This content is also targeted on geographical location so that the content displayed is always relevant to the customer. Customer can change their preferences and manage their account within their ‘My Account’ section. All actions and data captured on the Portal are integrated back into Dynamics 365.

From the Dynamics solution implemented by us here at Blacklight, our client saw an improvement in monitoring customers across all areas. Ultimately, the CE solution provided them with the ability to resolve claims and cases 10x faster than previously before, alongside the achievement of monitoring their customer satisfaction successfully through the use of automated customer feedback surveys.


"When we selected a partner to deliver our project we were clear that we wanted a collaborative approach and that is exactly what our relationship with Blacklight is. We bring the business knowledge and ideas, they turn them into workable solutions that create improved customer journeys and increased efficiency."


- Social Housing Program Manager


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