Employee Spotlight: Meet Dylan, Our SharePoint Expert

Here at Blacklight, we wouldn’t be who we are without the talented people behind the scenes. From Account Managers to UX/UI designers to our in-house Software Developers, we want to showcase some of the amazing employees we have here at Blacklight Software. 


So, for our January edition of Employee Spotlight, say hello to Dylan! Dylan is our technical lead, also known as our SharePoint expert. Joining the Blacklight team in 2013, Dylan has worked on internal intranets to large organisation document management systems.

Find out a little more about Dylan below:

"I am employed as a Tech Lead specialising in Office 365. I came to the information technology profession via a long and interesting road from the global energy industry. During this time I lived, worked and visited many different places across the world, from the sands of the Sahara, and the pristine magnificence of Alaska, to the cold stormy North Sea. This left me with an abiding passion for solving business problems with technology, and a deep understanding that people are critical to success in any information technology project. 

In my day-to-day work, I'm often at the intersection of people and technology, often visiting customers to assist them on their journey with Office 365. I find great satisfaction in being able to explain and create a meaningful solution from the amazing components that are part of the ever-changing toolbox that is Office 365. I very much like to experiment with this technology as early as possible to be able to best judge when it can be used to help customers. I came to Office 365 via working with SharePoint for some years as many in this field have. Office 365 was originally not much more than SharePoint online and Exchange online, but over the last two years, the growth of new tools such as Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform has transformed Office into a platform to develop rich and complex business solutions upon. 



I'm a firm believer that we've all got a part to play in the community beyond ourselves, and that participation in these benefits ourselves as well as the wider world. To this end, I'm a leader in the Scouting movement, as well as a prolific speaker at technology events around the UK. In the last year, I've spoken at 14 different events, from local meetups to bigger events such as DDD North and SharePoint Saturday Leicester. I gain great satisfaction from both activities and a surprising synergy between them. From Scouting I have learned that if you can hold the attention of a room full of primary-age children, no audience should scare you; and from speaking about technology I have learned to be prepared and keep my cool when live demos don't quite go to plan. 

Despite my love of technology, sometimes it's great to escape for a few hours. To that end, I run. Over time I have upped the distance I run, and now consider a marathon to be a short race. In the last year, I have taken part in 3 ultra-marathons, including just a few days ago the wonderful yet utterly brutal Montane Cheviot Goat ultra which takes participants across 55 miles of hilly, boggy wildness along the Scottish Border in the dark depths of winter."


If you are interested in having Dylan and the rest of the team at Blacklight work on an Office 365/SharePoint solution for your business, feel free to give us a call at 01924 640350 or email our team at

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