How To Work Remotely With SharePoint

Working from home is very quickly becoming the new normal, as teams around the country switch from busy offices to remote working. There are a wealth of tools and platforms out there that can help you manage your workload and stay in touch with your teams. When it comes to using SharePoint, here are Blacklight’s top five hacks for home working.



Communicating news

With a dispersed workforce, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate effectively and share corporate messages with the full team. SharePoint's news feature makes it easy to author and circulate data-rich content, with colleagues’ able to easily consume announcements.


Collaborative authoring 

The platform is also great for co-authoring, as it allows multiple users to work on the same document at the same time, which is great for when you are no longer working side by side. This functionality really enhances collaboration, which is particularly important to retain when teams are working remotely.


Microsoft Teams integration

As Microsoft Teams becomes an essential tool for recently home-based businesses, the software giant has reported its chat and collaboration platform now has 44 million daily users. The great news is that Teams and SharePoint work hand in hand. Every time you create a new Team in Microsoft Teams, you automatically create a SharePoint Modern Team Site, which is where all documents are uploaded to and stored.


Synchronising files

SharePoint and OneDrive allow you to synchronise files between your local PC and SharePoint/OneDrive. This means that you can work with local files on your PC, yet safely store them in the cloud. The synchronisation process happens automatically and efficiently so that working with large files in the cloud is no longer a problem.



One risk of working from home is that you are not protected by the corporate firewall, making it easier to succumb to ransomware attempts and social engineering attacks exploiting the extraordinary conditions. Fortunately SharePoint has robust document versioning, which means if malicious activity does occur, it is easy to roll back changes to the affected document. This feature is also particularly useful when multiple users are collaborating on the same document as you can review the version history.


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