Advantages of Custom Software

Advantages of Custom Software

Many companies require a certain type of software in order to function properly so they can operate as a successful business. Custom software can ultimately improve your business operations and meet the specific needs and requirements of your customers.

A lot of companies wouldn’t be as successful as they are without the implementation of custom software. Custom software is user-friendly and therefore gives consumers a great experience. Carry on reading to learn more about custom software, including the main advantages of custom software.


What Is Custom Software?

Custom software, also referred to as tailor-made software or bespoke software, is a type of software that is developed for a specific organisation or user. It can be contrasted with other software packages that are developed for the mass market. This could be for commercial off-the-shelf software or existing free software.


An Example of Custom Software

An example of custom software would be when it is tailor-made keeping the business’s related challenges in mind. Uber is a taxi service amongst other things and has created a leading on-demand app that uses custom software to operate.

It is the specially designed leading software which allows it to provide a seamless service and experience for both its drivers and its riders. This alone is what helped it to create its revolutionary taxi service.

With the help of Uber’s software, it is so super quick and easy to set up as a driver and start earning money, or order a taxi if you are a customer. Without this great app along with its features, the success of Uber would cease to exist.

At Blacklight Software, we have created bespoke software for clients in industries such as marketing, aerospace, and social housing - it is relevant in an endless amount of industries.


Custom Software for Businesses

Many businesses also need a solution and specific software to help them operate in order for them to succeed and successfully operate to their customers.

Customer software is, therefore, an extremely clever and important way of designing something to meet the requirements of organisations. From CRM systems (customer relationship management) to bespoke web apps and mobile apps, bespoke software can streamline business operations and enhance the customer experience.


What Is Off-the-Shelf Software?

Off-the-shelf software is software that is basically the opposite of custom software. It is software that is ready-made and that is ready to go out of the box - it does not need customising.

It often appeals to the masses and is available to everybody and includes many features. This type of software will have a licence fee that needs to be paid for and is designed and purchased with a one software fits all type of approach.

Although this type of software is less flexible than custom software, it features predictable costs, which can be a big advantage to some companies. The downside to this is that a company may end up paying for the software but not using some of its features as some of the software’s functions may be unnecessary to certain businesses.


Is Custom Software Worth It?

Customised software helps businesses create and provide solutions for their customers and meet their certain needs. At this stage, you may be wondering if all businesses require their very own custom software.

Firstly, custom software will meet the needs of the users and it is totally flexible to a company’s needs - however, it will also be labour-intensive and likely to be costly too. It is only worthwhile for a company to have its own custom software if they absolutely need it and its necessary functions.

You need to be clear on the benefits that custom software will bring to your business and whether off-the-shelf software would be more suited to you. Whichever option you decide on, the benefits must outweigh the costs of custom software.


Advantages for Businesses Using Custom Software

Here, we will go through some of the advantages of custom software so that you can then consider if it is the right thing for your business. Read on to find out more.


Unique to You

The custom software you implement will be unique to you and belong to your business. It can With Blacklight Software, you can streamline your operations with your very own software solution.

Your business can also operate and change software functions anytime you want. You can also create interactive relationships with customers, get feedback from them and improve the credibility of your business overall.


Personalisation and Customer Satisfaction

Customers will always appreciate a personalised experience and solution. Knowing the importance of a personalised user experience will greatly help in the development of your custom software. Keeping your customers satisfied will keep them returning.

When customers interact with a business, they want it to feel personal. Having custom software helps you to achieve this - you will add value to the business and improve customer relationships too.



Another great advantage of custom software is that it is harder to hack compared to off-the-shelf software. This is due to off-the-shelf being made for everybody - they mostly use open-source code. This is software that involves code that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance and is part of the software that most computers use.

Therefore, off-the-shelf software is more prone to intruders hacking the system as they are already clued up on the vulnerabilities of the software.

Custom software is safer, and harder to hack. It is unique to your business and only used by your team, so no one external will be aware of the code. The chance of attackers of your systems will consequently be reduced.


Integratable, Flexible, Scalability

You can easily integrate your custom software with your business's existing software systems. A business can make changes any time they desire with its own custom software and change it to match the needs of the business as the business changes and evolves.

Off-the-shelf software cannot be manipulated to match your requirements due to the licensing agreement with the off-the-shelf software providers.



Use custom software and experience a reliable and secure software solution. Custom software development usually uses high-quality software tools and industry-leading security because the end software product will reflect their abilities personally. You can dictate how your custom software is modified and maintained with custom software.


Blacklight Software

Now you are aware of the advantages of custom software and what it can bring to your business, you can contact us to discuss your bespoke software needs.

If you’re looking for an expert team of software developers to create bespoke software for your business, Blacklight Software is the team for you. If would like some support, or would like to know more about custom software, then feel free to get in contact with us.

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