What is Cross Platform Software?

What is Cross Platform Software?

Cross-platform software makes application development a breeze. It can help streamline your platform development process and help your business immensely.

Cross-platform software has emerged to give businesses the choice of being accessible on multiple platforms at the same time. This is without the need for a large budget or lots of time or effort. Delve into this blog post to learn more about cross-platform software.


What Is Cross-Platform Software?

The term ‘cross-platform software’ refers to the type of software applications that work with multiple operating systems. This includes devices, programs and platforms.

A platform is an operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android. When software can run on more than one platform it utilises the software for a broader scale and therefore larger audience. It can be developed on multiple devices including mobile platforms, computers and other things that connect to the internet. This is perfect for reaching as many people and/or customers at once.


The Background of Cross-Platform Software

In the days when cross-platform did not exist, applications had to be made for a specific operating system or hardware. This created a lot of work for organisations. Only large organisations could afford to create a product that worked across different operating systems or hardware. This is because they had to create a new product for each type, which was costly.

To use certain software in the past, the customer would have needed to purchase a specific type of hardware. Native app development is still around today, with software and native apps designed for specific hardware or devices. For example, Apple has some software that is only accessible via Apple products and operating systems such as GarageBand.

Generally, the more available software is across different platforms and operating systems, the wider the audience and customer reach. This is because it is more accessible to them and they are not just limited to one operating system.


How Is Cross-Platform Software Created?

Developers create cross-platform software by using programming languages including HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These are languages that do not singularly belong to one platform and can be used interchangeably.

Developers can work on software that can work on Android, iOS, Windows, Google etc. They do not have to create a new project each time.

The Microsoft Office suite, for example, includes the likes of Excel and Word. These cross-platform applications are available to be downloaded for Mac OS, iOS and Windows. While there are small differences when using these applications, users will have a similar experience when using them.


The Top Benefits of Cross-Platform Software

Companies will choose to create cross-platform software in the developing process as there are several benefits to doing so. The main benefit is that the same program can be run no matter what platform the user is logging in at. Whether that be an iPhone, Windows PC, or laptop - the software created is accessible to all. Read more to discover the top benefits of cross-platform software.


Turnaround Time

Grant your team a faster turnaround time with cross-platform software, ideal for those businesses that need to create software programs within a fast-paced environment.

The top feature of cross-platform software is that it can be used across the various devices and platforms that exist. It is perfect for limiting those turnaround times and producing work much faster for businesses. This saves a lot of time and money.


Easier to Develop

It is a lot easier to develop software that is using multi, cross-platform code. This means that developers will only have to create one codebase to build the applications and software that they need to create.


Lower Costs

One type of codebase that is suitable for multiple operating devices and systems of course means great news for software development companies as it will lower their costs. This is because, with only one codebase to create, companies can save money on their employees' time and efforts, only needing to create one type of code that will be suitable across different platforms and operating systems.


Allows Multi-Platform Cloud Storage Sync

Cloud storage is often integrated within cross-platform software. This means that it is easier than ever to work on projects across multiple different devices. Access your workloads from any device that has an internet connection thanks to the cross-platform software.


Better for Larger Organisations

Cross-platform software applications are favoured by larger organisations, including government agencies. It keeps software running independently from the operating system and hardware. The investment into software applications for large organisations is much bigger compared to other projects so therefore cross-platform software allows that flexibility and for developers to make decisions independently of the application.


Helps Other Systems

Whilst large companies such as Apple, and Microsoft would rather you own all of their products. There will always be a reason for people to use other platforms, computing devices and products. This is something that is not likely to change so having the ability for users to cross over to other platforms does hold advantages for large companies.

Give your customers the ability to use your applications on any device. It allows for more flexibility and freedom.


Blacklight Software Can Help

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