Development Tools for .NET Explained

Development Tools for .NET Explained

The .NET Framework has become a lot easier to use, manage and develop thanks to the external and third-party development tools that have become more popular use. They help developers create web-based applications.

Development tools for .NET make the job of developing and working on multiple projects using different platforms and languages a little bit easier. Whether you need help with measuring code quality, fixing bugs, or other tasks, the .NET development tools have you covered.

To gain more insight into some of the most important and effective .NET development tools on the market, including what they do and what they are useful for, then keep reading this blog post down below.


The .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is used to create and run software applications. It is an open-source platform which means that it can be developed collaboratively and in a public manner.

The software can be released under a licence and the copyright holder will be able to grant access to the users that have the rights to use, study, change and distribute the software and its source course.

.NET is one of the oldest types of software applications, developed by Microsoft, then is very much favoured to this day for many good reasons.


What Are .NET Development Tools?

.NET tools are there to help developers code better. It is therefore beneficial for developers that use .NET to have a few tools to help them be more productive whilst they are working with the .NET framework and core applications.

A dot net tool is a special package that you can install as a global tool which contains a console application. This is a computer program that is designed to be used via a text-only computer interface such as a text terminal.

.NET tools are special NuGet packages. A NuGet package is designed to enable developers to share reusable code, which is something that .NET allows for.


List of Development Tools for .NET

With the demand for .NET developers continually on the rise it is one of the most popular programming language tools. Microsoft’s .NET framework certainly earns a name for itself in the technology world as we will continue to see it evolving and growing in the future.

The increase in its popularity and demand for developers that specialise in the .NET framework has caused the market to see an increase in available development tools that are out there.

As there is a whole range of tools out there to assist developers, it is overwhelming to know which ones are worth the time and money. This is especially true if you are a new developer, starting out in the industry.

This is why we have created this list of .NET development tools, to find out how to get the most out of the tools available to help you with your .NET developments, then keep reading below to find out more.



LINQPad is a tool that helps with testing queries, other basic programs or your .NET programming. It is a secure platform for prototyping and feedback instantly. It even comes with features such as a debugger and autocomplete, the function that completes words or strings without the user needing to type them fully.

This tool is an essential tool for experimenting with and testing snippets of code before they are introduced into your code.



Chocolatey is a Windows tool, especially designed and created for Windows. It is a machine-level software package manager and is completely free to use.

Chocolatey enables the creation and deployment of software packages using software development tools that you are already acquainted with.

It is this tool that makes use of PowerShell (a cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework). This helps to provide functionality that aids the installation and updates of packages.


.NET Reflector

The .NET Reflector is a well-known decompiler for .NET as well as a static analyser. It helps developers to debug the code and discover any issues. It also allows you to also do it for third-party components too. The .NET Reflector can even help to simplify things.



NuGet is like .NET, an open-source software, with an intuitive user interface. It is used widely as a tool for .NET developers and rightly so. NuGet is developed by Microsoft for the Microsoft development platform.

The NuGet tool is the primary tool for introducing frameworks, libraries and modules into your .NET applications. This tool outlines how packages are produced, hosted and expanded.



ReSharper helps developers in .NET coding. It allows developers to access dot net code and rapidly discover and then repair any problems automatically. The ReSharper tool provides features that focus on code quality analysis, uplifting the legacy code or project structure.

ReSharper also has shortcuts for rapid refactoring and navigation and allows users to provide support from all technology languages from JavaScript, C++, and TypeScript, to scripts that use cross-language functionality.

The main aim of this tool is to offer productivity and performance optimisation.


Blacklight Software

At Blacklight Software we use .NET as a foundation to build bespoke software for our clients. Whether you need an app or web application we extend our capabilities across other platforms.

Hopefully, you have gained more insight into the different .NET development tools and how effective they can be when it comes to developing using the .NET Framework.

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