What Does .NET Software Development Kit Include?

What Does .NET Software Development Kit Include?

Software development kits are particularly useful for developers. They feature a specific set of development tools for each type of software development. If you are reading this you may be wondering what is included in these software development kits.

At Blacklight Software, we are specialists in all things Microsoft. We are here today to discuss what a .NET software development kit includes. Keep reading to discover more information on this topic.


What Is a Software Development Kit?

SDK stands for ‘software development kit’ and is often referred to as SDK for short. It is a set of tools and programs that are provided by hardware and software vendors. They are a collection that comes in one installable package.

Developers can use a software development kit to build applications for specific platforms. SDKs help developers to integrate their apps with a vendor’s services easily.


What Do Software Development Kits Include?

SDKs include code samples, documentation, application programming interfaces (APIs), libraries, processes and guides. Developers can use these things to help them integrate into their apps.

Software development kits also help developers to maintain applications without having to write things from scratch.


The Components of .NET SDKs

To look at software development kits in more detail and specifically their components keep reading.



Libraries are the collection of reusable and packaged chunks of code that perform specific functions or a set of closely related functions. Libraries can be inserted into an application and implement a function. This helps with the interface functions without developers having to write code from scratch.



Software development kits usually contain APIs. An API is a set of libraries that make up a core language, they are predefined pieces of code that enable developers to perform common programming tasks on a platform.


Integrated Development Environments

Integrated development environments or IDEs are visual editors that help with design and layout. This includes graphical elements such as text boxes and buttons such as ‘like’ buttons.

IDEs are particularly common in mobile app development kits, for example, Apple’s IDE is Xcode and it is for developing iOS applications. This includes when building software and apps for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS, whilst there are numerous IDE options for Android.


Testing Tools and Compilers

Testing tools and compilers include tools for debugging. This helps developers identify coding errors at all stages of the application development process. Identifying errors along each stage of the development process is a lot easier to rectify any issues along the way instead of identifying errors at the end.



Documentation in software development kits includes a set of supporting documents that helps the end users and overall user experience with the software application.

Documentation is vital in software development kits because it explains how the SDK works on a particular operating system. For example, on Google or iOS or a specific programming language such as Dot Net.

It encompasses the instructions and tutorials to provide help to developers as they go through the different stages of development.


What Does .NET Software Development Kit Include?

Software development kit for .NET includes documentation, header files, samples, libraries and tools required to develop applications for Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework.

The software development kit for .NET is a set of libraries and tools that allow developers to create applications. They contain the following components that are used to build and run applications. The .NET Framework software development kit is dedicated to developing applications for .NET Framework.


How to Use A Software Development Kit?

A developer will need the right software development kit for the type of software or application they are producing. This means if they are building an iOS application they will need an iOS software development kit, an Android toolkit for building Android applications, a Nordic SDK for wireless or Bluetooth applications and a .NET Software Development kit that needs a Microsoft SDK.

For large-scale software-as-a-service applications, enterprises typically use the open-source .NET software development kit platform, which is supported by Microsoft.

Other software development kits include Microsoft Windows, and Java Development Kit and they are largely associated with mobile apps. However, they can also be used by developers in relation to website development, set-top boxes and other digital platforms too. They are not only limited to mobile apps.

How to use an SDK usually involved the following three steps:

  1. An SDK is purchased that is specific to the intended platform. It is downloaded and installed by a developer.

  2. This is when the developer starts with the development within an IDE. They can use the APIs included in their software development kit or create new apps.

  3. To accelerate the initial phase of development developers use the instructions, documents, code samples and tools for testing that are provided in the software development kit.


The Benefits of Software Development Kits

Although there are different types of software development kits, which can be used for a variety of programming languages there are a few key benefits of SDKs, some of which include the following:

  • Saves Time - SDKs let development build standard components easily, smoothly and quickly. This includes adding functionality to them. SDKs are also all-in-one products, usually, which means they do not need to be integrated with other components - as this can slow down development time.

  • Easy Integration - SDKs help to reduce the complexity of integrations by simplifying standard processes.

  • Documentation and Code Libraries - this is a benefit as it allows developers to use SDKs to build and maintain applications without having to write code from scratch.

  • Enhanced Functions - developers can enhance apps with more functionality, including push notifications or ads, whilst also allowing for the creation of new tools.

  • Gain Credibility - gain brand recognition as apps supported by an ADK toolkit gains exposure on published app stores.

  • Cost Effective - apps built with SDKs have shorter development cycles. This can offer substantial savings for companies.

  • Customisation - there are a variety of opportunities for SDKs to be personalised to the user.


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