What is the Hardest Programming Language?

What is the Hardest Programming Language?

Computer programming languages are extremely intelligent, however, they rely on humans being able to instruct them, in order for them to function and complete tasks. This is why computer programming languages are created so that we can tell the computer what we want it to do. These instructions are what is called ‘programming languages’.

There are many different types of functional programming languages, each with their own variation or set of rules. If you would like to learn about some of the hardest high-level programming languages to pick up then continue reading this article for more.


Programming Languages

Programming languages is the system of writing language for computers. Most programming languages out there are text-based formal languages.

They are instructions that are written by a programmer and delivered to the computer for it to perform a task.


What Is the Hardest Programming Language to Learn?

If you are up for the challenge, then find some of the toughest programming languages to learn down below. Some programmers learn them just to accomplish them, so read below to find out more.



The C++ programming language is one of the fastest and most powerful languages. It has many uses but for beginners, it can prove to be hard to learn because of its advanced-level syntax along with the multiple paradigm support.

This language may or may not perform intuitive functions, in some cases developers may encounter bugs or errors in the system and will have to rectify those bugs. A good amount of knowledge and understanding of this language is required with C++, which is why it takes many people a while to master it.



Haskell is one of the hardest programming languages to learn as it is built on a mathematical logic system called lambda calculus.

This language is known for functional programming that helps to make code more predictable. It allows programmers to pattern match which allows you to destructure data for specific values or structures. This makes the code easier to read.

Haskell is the primary technology that allows for high-quality software development.



Lisp is a programming language that is one of the oldest. It is still used to this day to work on several high-level artificial intelligence applications (AI). It is similar to Java, C and C++.

It is, however, challenging due to its unique syntax and functioning programming paradigm. It can also be overwhelming for beginners because of the abundant parentheses.



Malbolge is considered the hardest programming language to learn. It is so hard that it has to be set aside in its own paragraph. It took two whole two years to finish writing the code for Malbolge.

What makes Malbolge so difficult to read and learn is its counter-intuitive, self-altering code, making it hard to understand. It scrambles register and memory values for the instructions which provide a big challenge for aspiring programmers that wish to learn Malbolge.

Any programmers out there that wish to learn this programming language will be doing so purely for the challenge it creates for them. It is designed to be extremely challenging and the code readability is very low.

Overall this difficult programming language is not preferred in the software industry as it has no use cases, only be used to test programmers' skills more than anything.

If you wish to learn then online tutorials will be your best option that are specifically designed and dedicated to teaching this language as no other course is available that teaches it.


What Are Some of the Easiest Programming Languages?

On the other side of the hard programming languages, you may be curious to know what, if any, are the easiest programming languages out there? This could be useful to know if you are a beginner in the programming world, or if you are just looking for an easy time when programming. To learn about some of the easiest programming languages then read on.



HTML is a commonly known coding language. HTML can perform functions and typical programming tasks. It has no programming logic but is still considered a fundamental language that is often used by web developers throughout web content online.

HTML is essential for everyone in the world of website development and design, including front-end website development and maintaining web pages.

As one of the easiest programming languages to learn, HTML is simple and symmetric. Many courses are readily available out there and they are free.

There are consistent rules in HTML, making it an easy language to learn.



JavaScript is the language that is used for scripting. It is not used alone but with a combination of CSS and HTML. It adds functionality to websites and makes the user experience a lot nicer and more appealing.

Pages are made interactive with the help of JavaScript, you will be able to click, scroll and hover over items and see where you are hovering.

JavaScript is simple to learn and is fresh for learners. Programmers can write complex codes with the help of Javascript and can even be used by non-programmers as it is for people who want to learn. This is what makes JavaScript count as an easy programming language and is beginner friendly too.


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