Software Development: The Basics

Software Development: The Basics

The software development process is a continuous process life cycle, forever evolving. It consists of several phases built for running software applications.

Software development can help people and businesses in many different ways. It is beneficial for measuring and improving operations and solving problems. Although software development can sound complicated, it can be broken down into three basic types. Read this article to learn more about the basics of software development.


What Is Software Development?

Software development refers to computer science activities that are dedicated to the process of creating, designing and supporting software.

At its core, software development is a set of instructions or programs that tells a computer what it should do. It makes computers programmable and is independent of computer hardware.


The Basic Types of Software Development

There are three main and basic types of software development, these include:

  • System software
  • Programming software
  • Application software


System Software

It is the system software that provides the core functions of software. This includes operating information systems, disk management, utilities and hardware management as well as other operating necessities.


Programming Software

This type of software gives programmers tools including text editors, debuggers, compilers and linkers. It is these programming languages which help programmers develop other software. It is a set of programs that helps developers create, debug and overall maintain other programs and applications.


Application Software

Application software is a type of computer program that performs a specific function. This can be for personal, educational or business functions. Each software design application is designed to assist users in accomplishing tasks. This can be a variety of tasks related to various things such as productivity, creativity and communication too.

Application software can improve a business or a person’s efficiency and make life easier. Application software also includes the applications or ‘apps’ that can be found on your mobile or computer.

Examples of applications for your mobile phone or computer include things such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. It can also include office productivity suites including data management software, media players and security programs.

When a user understands what application software is available to them, they can use the software to benefit their needs. Whether the application software is custom-built, uniquely for a user's needs or ready-made, it can help a business or person.


Embedded Software

Embedded software can be recognised as the possible fourth type of software development. This embedded software is used to control machines and devices.

It is this type of software that can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things refers to the billions of physical devices that are now connected to the internet around the world. All of these devices play a part in producing and sharing data.

Businesses can extract extremely valuable and useful data to gain insights into them. This helps them to improve every aspect of their business operations virtually, which creates more innovative software solutions and business models.


Is Software Development Important?

Software development is important for so many reasons and useful in so many ways - from cars, mobiles and computers, to washing machines and other appliances. Software development is everywhere and finding its way into many things that help connect us to them.


The Key Features of Software Development

Using software development helps brands gain a better and more competitive edge compared to their competition.

Software development requires experience and expertise. This matched with the techniques and technologies that can help the software form and become a quality product. Some key features, characteristics and different types of software development can be found down below.


AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI is a form of software development. It enables the software to emulate the decision-making and learning that is done by humans. Machine learning and cognitive capabilities are achievable by software developers. It can help businesses reach new heights and uncover opportunities, helping them stay ahead of any possible competition at all times.


Cloud-Native Development

This cloud-native development is a way of building applications to benefit from cloud spaces. Cloud-native applications consist of reusable software components that are called microservices. These are designed to integrate into any cloud environment and are often packaged in containers. It is these cloud-native applications that can use cloud environments to improve application performance and flexibility.



There is always a demand for those that can develop data. The job of data engineers, software engineers, development teams and data scientists will continue to increase in demand using modelling language. It is this demand that signifies how critical it is for businesses to gain an understanding of the data that is being produced.

Software developers, therefore, continue to integrate advanced analytic capabilities into their clients' applications. Cloud-based services and APIs make data exploration simpler. This creates ready-made dashboards that deliver the information to the user in a clear way. It gives them insights which can improve overall decision-making.


Cloud-Based Development

The cloud space can be used as a cost-effective, flexible and quick way of integrating development environments (IDE). Cloud-based development can support integration, coding, design and testing as well as other development types too.


Mobile Apps

One main capability for software development is the ability to create apps for mobile devices. Mobile applications can create deep connections between the data it gathers from the user. It tailors and elevates the user's experience which is unique to them.

Focusing on customer data from their mobiles has a strong effect on how a customer will interact with a certain brand.


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