Introduction to Software Development: What You Need to Know

Introduction to Software Development: What You Need to Know

In a world where software development is everywhere, there are many different types and ways of doing things. This over time has done and continues to contribute to a better world and easier working practices and solutions.

Learn all about software development in today’s article, read about the different software types, why software is so important and the top features of software development - so for all this plus more, read on.


What Is Software Development?

Software development is computer science. It is a set of activities that are done to design, create and deploy supporting software.

Is the job of software developers that will have the important job of maintaining software, frameworks and software competencies as well as testing and fixing bugs in the software too.

Software development is usually undertaken by accomplished programmers, software engineers or software developers.


The Different Software Types

Software is the instructions that tell a computer what it should be doing. This is what makes computers programmable and independent of computer hardware.

In software, there are three different basic types that you can take note of.


System Software

This provides core functions such as operating systems, hardware management, disk management and utilities and other operational necessities.


Programming Software

Programming software gives programmers the development tools such as text editors, linkers as well as debuggers and other tools to create code.


Application Software

Otherwise known as ‘apps’, applications are there to help users perform and complete tasks. There are many examples of productivity apps, including the Office suite, media players, data management software and security programs to name a few examples.

There are also web and mobile applications of course and the endless amount of applications available on there including Instagram, Facebook and other social media as well as shopping apps like Amazon.


Embedded Software

This is a possible fourth type of basic software type. Embedded software controls machines and devices and is not generally considered computers. It can be used to control cars, industrial robots, telecommunications networks plus much more.

Embedded software is also part of the Internet of Things (IoT), referring to all the devices around the globe that can be connected to the interest. This means physical devices can collect and share information and data.


Programmers, Software Engineers and Software Developers

The roles of programmers, software engineers and software developers will overlap with each other. The roles of people that do these jobs are primarily the ones that will carry out the software development process.

The dynamics will vary across various departments and communities. Coders and programmers will write the source code to program computers for specific tasks like merging databases, conducting searches, processing online orders or as simple tasks as displaying text and graphics.

Programmers will interpret instructions too from software developers and engineers. They will use it for programming languages like C++ or Java.

Software engineers build software and apply engineering principles to solve their problems. Tools including modelling language create solutions that are often used to solve problems in a general way.


Why Is Software Development Important?

Software development is important because it is everywhere. It is prevalent in today's society and allows for many products to make a difference for the better.

Car, household appliances and computers, there is an ever-growing area for software development and the IoT is forever connecting these things across the world.


Features of Software Development

For effective software development, some of the key features that are used to differentiate software from other software giving it that competitive edge that many brands and developers will strive for include some of the following.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, (AI) is something that is designed to mimic human intelligence and decision-making as well as learning.

Machine learning, language processing and cognitive capabilities along with neural networks are what are present that allow for machine learning capabilities.

Software developers and businesses constantly can disrupt current marketplaces and stay in front of their competition.


Cloud Development

Cloud-based development helps to cut costs and improve development by making it accessible, fast, cost-effective and flexible for developers.

Cloud-based environments can support coding, designing, and integration and allow for testing too.



Blockchain is a secure ledger that is linked digitally. It eliminates costs and vulnerabilities and helps to transform businesses. Blockchain can support great opportunities for software development.


Low code

Low code is the products or cloud services for an application development that uses visual and information techniques instead of programming. They are available at a low cost to customers and are a practice that reduces the need for coding and enables the non-coders to build applications quicker and at a lower cost than ever before.



Data is important in software development and companies must gain insight into the data that they produce as it is so valuable to them. This is why there is a constant demand for data scientists, data developers, and data engineers. Software developers can even integrate analytics into their applications.


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