How CRM Can Streamline Your Business Processes [Case Study]

How CRM Can Streamline Your Business Processes [Case Study]


In today’s digitally fuelled society, technology and IT transformations are key for businesses globally, with 93% of companies considering innovative technologies as necessary to reaching their digital transformation goals.

With numerous platforms and software applications available to improve business processes, Customer Relationship Management software is now the biggest software market in the world. In fact, CRM is now expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025 with businesses globally relying on CRM's for their business processes.


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But how can CRM influence your business? Our client looked to us for assistance in implementing a CRM solution to streamline their business processes while looking to improve sales and customer service processes. Learn more about their journey below:



With their increased growth, managing and reporting group sales had become time consuming and complex for our client. With few formal recording procedures and no central system to store records, compiling reports and keeping up to date with customer account management often involved cross-referencing disparate spreadsheets, relying upon the efficacy of the account managers. As new staff came on board, each with their own way of performing their function, there was a need to analyse and formalise sales procedures and improve upon service desk functions for their growing customer base.

Working alongside our client as their chosen technology partner, we identified that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM was the best solution for our client and the business requirements they provided. Dynamics 365 CRM is a highly customisable solution. The platform offers several different business functions to ensure that solutions can be applied across all areas of your business while catering for your needs exactly.

Our in-house experts developed a Dynamics 365 CRM solution to model and streamline our clients business processes. This solution would integrate with Microsoft Office, Sage and a bespoke package developed by our client to perform some of the key services they provide. Ensuring CRM integration is widely available for our client and their existing platforms provides security and efficiency with their existing processes, ultimately allowing a CRM solution to provide added on benefits to their existing processes. 

Our client have since been able to improve their sales, marketing and customer service with a new CRM solution. The introduction of CRM necessitated a more formal approach to both sales and marketing processes internally for our client. The ability to create custom workflows to automate formal procedures has simplified the roles of users, decreased time spent on administration and freed up more man hours, encouraging increased efficiency from the workforce.



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