6 Things to Know About .NET Framework

6 Things to Know About .NET Framework

Designed to create and run software applications on Microsoft Windows, the .NET framework application can run on different operating systems and use various implementations too.

It has been considered the most ideal platform to develop and manage software as it is easy to analyse the behaviour of the application. This easy-to-use software is favoured by developers and can exchange information in several languages.

If you’re looking for bespoke software development, then you should be familiar with the .NET framework. Read this article for six things to know about the dot net framework, as well as a brief introduction to .NET.


Introduction to .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is used to run and create software applications - it is a type of open-source platform. This means that it is software that is released and under a licence in which the owner has it copyrighted and therefore has the right to grant access for users to go in and use.

The owner can change and distribute the software and its source code for anyone who needs it for their purposes. Open-source software can be developed collaboratively in a public manner too.

The .NET Framework in this instance is specifically designed for developing Windows-based applications, developed by Microsoft and running primarily through Microsoft net framework. It uses a variety of tools used by developers and uses programming languages to work with applications.

As .NET Framework is designed and supported by Microsoft to allow for web application and desktop engineering. It is a popular platform as it can currently be used for a lot of different types of applications and provides the environment for programming for most software development phases.


The 6 Things to Know About .Net Framework

Here we will introduce you to the 6 things to know about the .NET framework, so please keep reading for more information on this.


1- .NET Framework Is Not Just For Windows

Originally .NET Framework was only used for Windows, as it was a product of theirs. However, after its Core update back in 2016, .NET Framework can now run across multiple platforms such as Mac OS X. This gives more versatility for developers and allows them to add new platforms to the application. It can also be used for development in cloud applications.


2- Website Tools

The main tool in the framework is ASP.NET. It is used for website building using JavaScript, CSS, server scripting and HTML.

Development is focused on the server side of things and is not on the front end of website development.


3- Choice Of Large Companies

Big companies choose to use .NET Framework in their application development. This is because it is considered the most reliable framework with ever-growing versatility and acceptance means that it is very popular among developers.

It is even suitable for those that are starting their career in software development. This framework offers an easy way to learn.


4- Extensive Libraries

.NET Framework offers a dedicated library system database for security, encryption and other things too. It offers a collection of predefined libraries for complex and simple data structure types. The framework supports many tools and different technologies and languages, which means developers are at an advantage as they can alter many functionalities specific to their needs.


5- Security

Last but not least, we have security. This could be one of the most important and vital features of .NET framework and for any software development framework for that matter.

Interestingly, .NET framework is more secure than Java as it has grown into the ideal software framework to develop with. Perfect for banks and other financial establishments who need security for their software to be very secure.


6- Compatibility

The .NET framework provides a set of components, libraries and runtime tools. This allows the software developers to build apps that can run on different platforms including Windows, MAC OS and Linux.


Some Pros and Cons of .NET Framework

Here we will explain some of the main pros and cons of the .NET framework, so keep reading to learn more and see if it is the right thing for you.


The Pros

.NET framework benefits businesses in several ways. From building apps and CRM systems and the software can be worked on independently by developers.

The framework allows for cross-platform development, once things have been completed they can be combined and managed efficiently. .NET framework can be developed using a range of operating systems and different programme languages too.

Software development for the .NET framework is easy to update and maintain, this is due to its modular design. Developers can enjoy updating and fixing applications as well as putting them together with ease.

.NET comes with Integrated Development En (IDE) which allows software experts to create applications with little hassle. It also allows developers to debug with its top security and publish applications.


The Cons

Some cons include the fact that the .NET framework is pricey when it comes to licensing fees. The more complex the software project, the more it will cost. A year subscription is advised to cover a range of the tools and platforms you need.

.NET framework isn’t considered as flexible as others when it comes to object-relational programming and new designs.

New releases of .NET may face stability issues, when a new version comes out and business updates. Ongoing projects therefore could be impacted by this.

These are some of the very few drawbacks of the .NET framework, but overall it is a very popular way for developers to create applications.


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